Kofax, a leader in document automation and security software, has recently announced that they will be discontinuing their line of card readers. In response, we at rf IDEAS have created a seamless process to migrate your existing Kofax card readers to rf IDEAS card readers.

Why Migrate your Kofax Card Reader to rf IDEAS Readers

1. Quality
At rf IDEAS, a leading manufacturer of WAVE ID® card, mobile, and biometric credential readers, we have nearly 30 years of experience enabling logical access authentication solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, education, financial, government, and enterprise organizations. Built on the basis of quality, rf IDEAS card readers are built to last and include products rated up to IP67, which means they meet the requirements for complete protection against an ingress of dust and submersion in one meter of water for up to thirty minutes. Furthermore, rf IDEAS readers are trusted by over 90% of Fortune 100 companies.


2. Compatibility with Multi-Functional Printers
As the global leader in secure printing, rf IDEAS has worked closely with HP, Ricoh, Kyocera, Toshiba, Xerox, and other multi-functional printer (MFP) manufacturers to design card and mobile readers for secure authentication solutions. In particular, we have designed custom enclosures that allow our readers, such as the HIP and Universal SOP, to fit into the HP and Ricoh printers, respectively. With rf IDEAS, you’re getting a reader that is compatible with many of the major MFPs and can be configured to read nearly any credential worldwide. Learn how WAVE ID readers + Kofax’s software platform can help you secure your printer.


3. Compatibility with Kofax Software
Kofax has recognized rf IDEAS as a global leader in RFID credential reader technology. We’ve worked closely with Kofax to ensure their software platforms are compatible with current portfolio of rf IDEAS readers. 


4. Seamless Transition from Kofax Card Readers to rf IDEAS Card Readers
If you currently have a Kofax reader that is older or soon to be discontinued, we have established a seamless process that enables our readers to be a plug and play replacement for the Kofax reader without the need to re-enroll each user. To configure your rf IDEAS reader to match the functionality of your existing Kofax reader, refer to the Kofax Card Reader Guide and use the rf IDEAS Configuration Utility to load the correct .HWG+ file into your rf IDEAS reader.


Which rf IDEAS Reader is Right for Me
At rf IDEAS, we offer a wide range of reader form factors that support the most common card technologies and credentials (HID, MIFARE, LEGIC, FeliCa, Indala) that are ideal for your application.

WAVE ID® Nano: This reader is the smallest credential reader on the market and ideal for laptops, tablets, smartphones, or printers where space is valuable. 


WAVE ID® SP Plus: This reader is ideal for secure print management solutions with its fully programmable and dual frequency capabilities.


WAVE ID® Plus Mini: This reader is ideal for desktop single sign-on authentication and is 35% smaller and 37% lighter than its predecessor.


WAVE ID® Mobile Mini: This reader is compatible with the leading mobile credentials to support Bluetooth® low energy technology, proximity (123/132 kHz), or contactless smart cards (13.56 MHz).

Interested in replacing your Kofax card reader with an rf IDEAS reader?