Meeting the needs of healthcare IT with RFID badge readers technology continues to permeate the healthcare industry as IT leaders deploy solutions to help meet operational goals, improve patient care and ensure regulatory compliance. Yet, the tools must ensure security, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliancy must be easy to use, improve workflow and still be cost-effective all while keeping focus on the patient.

RF IDeas works closely with our partners to offer a customer-centric health care solution.

As a preferred manufacturer of hardware products, RF IDeas offers best in class engineering expertise in RFID authentication to complete any health care solution. RF IDeas, the marketplace leader, delivers readers that are compliant with nearly every card type worldwide. Additionally, RF IDeas' backward compatible readers simplify the installation process and easily integrate with existing applications. Our innovative products evolve with the ever-changing and demanding market needs and come guaranteed with our pre-sales engineering support to ensure your sales team and end-customers enjoy a seamless experience. With a proven track record of world-class competencies and global certifications, trust RF IDeas as the smart choice for your health care authentication application solution.

During each shift, healthcare staff perform multiple tasks including interfacing with patients, printing patient documents, recording information, and scheduling procedures. The list is long and most tasks require logging into and out of computers.

RF IDeas provides a full line of proximity and contactless HIPAA compliant readers and devices to keep organizations on top of their compliance requirements in the digital world. All of our readers offer the technologies necessary to meet and enhance HIPAA requirements. Adding RF IDeas badge readers makes it easy to simplify access. Just tap an ID badge to the reader and log on—enabling fast authentication and improved operational efficiency. 

Solve Critical Healthcare Issues with RF IDeas and our partners by offering solutions

  • Identity Access Management (IAM) - Tap-in, tap-out access
  • Follow-me applications
  • EPCS (e-prescribe)
  • Privacy Auditing
  • Security Verification
  • Multifunction Printer access
  • Role-based authorization control
  • Report Generator – compliance
  • Open API – permits custom applications

RFID badge-based solutions offer IT departments more security and more information to improve authentication and overall workflow. At RF IDeas we understand the challenges of Healthcare IT departments. Together with our partners our RFID badge-based solutions offer IT departments more security and more information to improve authentication and overall workflow.


Relevant Products

pcProx® Plus

Dual-frequency card reader for identification and enrollment (reads nearly all card types)


Read-only readers for identification & enrollment of proximity or contactless smart cards

pcProx® Plus BLE

Dual-frequency card reader with Bluetooth® low energy technology


pcProx® Plus SP

Ultra-slim, multi-purpose dual-frequency reader for integrated, OEM or external mounting configurations

pcProx® Sonar

Plug-and-play, hands-free auto locking presence detector


Data Sheets 
pcProx Plus Data Sheet
pcProx Plus SP Data Sheet
pcProx Plus BLE Data Sheet
pcProx Data Sheet
pcProx Nano Data Sheet
pcProx Sonar Data Sheet
Application Briefs
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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): The first national standards for protecting the privacy of health information. The Privacy Rule regulates how certain entities, use and disclose certain individually identifiable health information. Among one of the provisions of HIPAA as it relates to the technological world, is the establishement of appropriate safeguards that healthcare providers and others must achieve to protect the privacy of health information.


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Reader Part Numbers for Healthcare Applications

pcProx® Plus 

Part Number Description
RDR-80582AKU pcProx Plus 82 Series Black USB Reader
RDR-80082AKU pcProx Plus 82 Series w/ iCLASS SE™ technology & Seos™ Black USB Reader


pcProx® Plus BLE

Part Number Description
RDR-30582AKU pcProx Plus BLE Desktop Non-Keystroking Reader USB with Bluetooth low energy technology
RDR-30082AKU pcProx Plus BLE Desktop Non-Keystroking Reader USB w/iCLASS ID & Seos with Bluetooth low energy technology


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