Identity & Access Management

Strengthen Authentication while Maintaining Productivity

As the world becomes more dependent on technology, the challenge for today’s physical and logical access IT teams is to develop programs to protect critical business applications and data without restricting business productivity. Organizations need to know who is accessing their data, their devices, their applications and need to control such access. Businesses are looking for ways to save money, improve efficiency, provide employee flexibility presenting organizations with enormous security risks.

Identity Access Management (IAM) is the security and business discipline that "enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons." A strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy is key to securely controlling applications and hardware to manage risk, operational efficiencies and allow personnel to do their job quickly and efficiently. Working with our partners software solutions, our readers selectively restrict who has access to what, on which network(s), how much access they have been granted, and for how long.

An IAM solution consisting of partner software and our readers, locks down access controls and establishes privilege access, so that employees are only given access to the systems and information needed to effectively do their jobs and only for the necessary duration.

Security access is straightforward with SSO software and badge readers.

Single Sign-On (SSO), which enables users to access multiple applications with a single set of credentials, is one of the most common applications used in an IAM strategy. 

Adding badge readers coupled with partner software solutions to your SSO strategy can improve productivity even more. Research from Accenture reveals that 60% of consumers find usernames and passwords cumbersome, and more than three-fourths (77%) are interested in using alternatives1. RF IDeas’ complete line of pcProx® card readers are easy to integrate with your current IT systems, supporting virtually every proximity and contactless smart card on the market.  We partner with leading SSO software application providers to integrate card readers into an effective identity and access management strategy.


Simplifying SSO is easier with RFID Readers

With users having access to so many devices and systems, password management becomes a challenge as well. IAM solutions address this challenge by enabling strong authentication across the different systems to which a user has access. In the United States, 29 percent of employees in the U.S. say they enter 11 or more passwords a day about 4,000 per year2. With badge readers as part of SSO, authentication and access becomes a single process – employees simply “badge in” to be identified, authenticated and gain access. The need to remember a multitude of passwords become unnecessary. SSO technology can save users from eight to 15 minutes a day depending on the solution utilized, which can be translated into 103-191 hours per year.

Additionally, the badge can be used to log out of the computer when stepping away from the desk, protecting information from anyone walking by. For a more proactive approach to logging off, a user can also employ one of our SONAR auto-locking presence detectors which acts as an ultrasonic sensor that is individually programmable per workstation. This eliminates the need for a set time out session and simply logs you off once you step away from your computer (delay is programmable).


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Take Identification and Authorization to a Whole New Level

Organizations that utilize RFID badge readers to support their Identity and Access Management strategy have a simple way to ensure that no one can access computers and devices except those with authorization, maintaining strict data confidentiality.

RF IDeas readers allows employees to simply tap their badge against the reader to verify authorization and gain access to computers without having to remember and type in multiple passwords, multiple times a day. Authentication saves staff a significant amount of time and frustration, also reducing calls to the IT help desk. Not only can it manage employee authorization, readers can support visitor badges, helping to identify all visitors on campus during muster activities. 

In addition, RF IDeas can support enterprises as they adapt their Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategies to address mobile credentials for logical access and authentication.  By 2020, twenty percent of organizations will be using smartphones instead of physical access cards3.  To meet the changing needs of organizations we have created a reader with integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology. In addition to reading both proximity (125/132 kHz) and contactless (13.56 MHz) smart cards, the reader also interacts with sensors and mobile devices that are enabled with Bluetooth Low Energy.

Complete family of badge readers to meet your IAM requirements.

Error Free Identification – Integrate readers with nearly all ID badges, operating systems, applications and embedded controllers for quick access and identification.

Flexible Configurations – pcProx® badge readers allows IT departments to leverage proximity and contactless (125 kHz or 13.56 MHz) employee ID badges for secure authentication and identification throughout the workplace.

Multiple Form Factors – pcProx readers are available in a variety of forms from multifunction readers; the small pcProx Nano that fits in the USB port of laptops, Embedded OEM readers that can be incorporated into your equipment, and the latest Bluetooth® Low Energy enabled readers for mobile applications.


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Relevant Products

pcProx® Plus

Dual-frequency card reader for identification and enrollment (reads nearly all card types)


Read-only readers for identification & enrollment of proximity or contactless smart cards

pcProx® Plus SP

Ultra-slim, multi-purpose dual-frequency reader for integrated, OEM or external mounting configurations


pcProx® Plus BLE

Dual-frequency card reader with Bluetooth® low energy technology

pcProx® Nano

Ultra compact, single frequency reader provides flexible integration into multiple devices.

pcProx® Sonar

Plug-and-play, hands-free auto locking presence detector


Reader Part Numbers for IAM

pcProx® Plus 

Part Number Description
RDR-80582AKU pcProx Plus 82 Series Black USB Reader
RDR-80082AKU pcProx Plus 82 Series w/ iCLASS SE™ technology & Seos™ Black USB Reader


pcProx® Plus BLE

Part Number Description
RDR-30582AKU pcProx Plus BLE Desktop Non-Keystroking Reader USB with Bluetooth low energy technology
RDR-30082AKU pcProx Plus BLE Desktop Non-Keystroking Reader USB w/iCLASS ID & Seos with Bluetooth low energy technology


pcProx® Plus SP

Part Number Description
RDR-805H1AKU pcProx Plus Black SP USB
RDR-800H1AKU pcProx Plus with iCLASS SE™ technology Black SP USB 



Part Number Description
RDR-7J81AKU pcProx 13.56 MHz Sielox Black Desktop USB
RDR-7L81AKU pcProx 13.56 MHz LEGIC® Black Desktop USB
RDR-7P71AKU pcProx 13.56 MHz FIPS201/PIV Black Desktop USB 
RDR-7Y81AKU pcProx 13.56 MHz XceedID Black Desktop USB


Reach out to your sales representative for details on these and other readers. Find out who the sales manager is in your region here.