Optimize Manufacturing Operations

Your badge system identifies every employee in your organization. It can provide routine secured access to the campus and buildings, but there is so much more it can do.

By installing badge readers throughout your company you can secure access control of HMIs and controllers to better manage manufacturing production, authorize fork lift usage, manage tool dispensing, record training attendance, and streamline the mustering process. Employees can now leverage their badges for secured logical access (single sign-on) to equipment, for secure printing, and even cafeteria point of sales – giving them the power to control and easily initiate their daily activities. And this means a more secure and operationally efficient organization.

Check out our Interactive Manufacturing Facility below to see many of the ways RF IDeas badge readers can improve operational efficiency and add value to your organization.


Interactive Manufacturing Facility

Interact with the map to see where RF IDeas badge readers can be implemented in your facility.

Download the brochure and see how you can optimize operations and enhance security in your facility.


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