In today’s ever-evolving technological world, keeping up to date with the latest in information technology is a necessity that can present numerous challenges. Overcoming these obstacles while remaining efficient and simultaneously adhering to the multiple new compliance requirements is just the beginning. When it comes to government agencies, the security requirements jump to an entire new level.

From secure authentication for in-building work stations via the pcProx desktop reader model, to in the field devices providing the same secure authentication via pcProx OEM integration, to the pcProx USB and ExpressCard formats, RF IDeas has a reader for any application. The result is a fast, simple and affordable deployment that allows your agency to be in full compliance of government security policy standards.


Government Application Solutions

A WaveID® enabled workplace means leveraging employee's existing ID badges for a myraid of business needs:

  • Providing physical entry access
  • Logging onto computers
  • Auto locking workstations
  • Releasing print jobs
  • Registering at meetings
  • Tracking time and attendance
  • Enabling cafeteria payments
  • Utilizing mobile authentication
  • And much more

WaveID® Solutions

In today’s business environment, most employees carry badges for building access. A WaveID powered business environment exists inside the building, addressing the various ways employees’ access and identification needs are met.

A WaveID enabled workplace allows employees to logon to their computer, release their print jobs, register at their meetings, track their time and attendance, pay for food, and much more, all with the same card they use for building access. WaveID illustrates how the proximity and contactless smart card readers created by RF IDeas provide easy solutions for a myriad of business needs.

Take a look below at how a few of our customers and partners have incorporated pcProx readers into their workplace to create a WaveID environment.



Case Studies

University of Colorado
A tracking solution was implemented to incorporate pcProx readers to identify and track ID numbers on existing campus ID cards.



Application Brief




Data Sheets



Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS):
Computerized criminal justice information system used to reduce terrorism and criminal activities by maximizing the ability to provide timely and relevant criminal justice information to the FBI and qualified law enforcement agencies.
FIPS201 (Federal Information Processing Standard):
Federal government standard that specifies certain Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements.
Personal Identity Verification (PIV):
Method of stored identity credentials (photograph image, digitized fingerprints) that can be verified against either another person or automated procedure.